Haydn - Stick Candle Holder
Haydn - Stick Candle Holder
  • Haydn - Stick Candle Holder
  • Haydn - Stick Candle Holder


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Stunning candlestick holder!

Bring a decorative style to your home with this Haydn stick candle holder by setting them on your tables or others. It features an attractive vintage style. The natural wood finish gives these candle holders a classic look that blends in with any decor. Wooden candle holders feature attractive construction. Each of the candle holders comes with a unique design.

The vintage candle holders will complement any living space and add a rustic look. The rustic style candle holders are expertly handcrafted and do not have an identical copy. These lighting fixtures can be used both indoors and outdoors. Create a lighting environment in your living room, study, or garden. Create beautiful accent pieces with our unfinished natural wood candle holder for your home or for the next special occasion.

Why buy this attractive candlestick holder:

  • Creates beautiful accent pieces,
  • Made of natural solid wood
  • Unique and eye-catching style
  • Durable, offers a long-lasting use


  • Model: chandelier,
  • Material: Wooden material,
  • Function: Matching candle,
  • Type: Candle holder,
  • Matching candle: Stick.