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    The weeklong celebration that is usually held in the United States to honor African heritage in African-American culture is something to look forward to every year. Commonly known as the Kwanzaa festival
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    Cleaning wall candle holders can be an irritating task and can end up driving you crazy. Trying to clean the candle holder after the candle wax has burned down into it is something a lot of people dread doing since it can be difficult
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    We’ve found several effective ways to clean a candle holder that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Let’s take a look at the top 4-ways to clean a candle holder with that in mind.
  • How to Clean Your Stick Candle Holders Like a Pro

    Cleaning the candle holders is mostly meant in terms of removing wax from the bottom. If you light candles, you experience a great relaxing and romantic mood but the effort to clean the candle holders could be frustrating