The Most Efficient Way to Clean Your Candle Holders from Wax

If you use your scented candles quite often, throwing away the candle holder after use could be wasteful. More importantly, I know how finding the right wall candle holder is no easy task. That said, cleaning a candle holder is not that difficult. 

We all love candles since they create a warm ambiance at home that can change the general smell at home. But the problem is when the wick is burned out, it can be a bit challenging to remove the wax from your candle holder, especially if it’s your first time using a candle holder. Luckily, we’ve found several effective ways to clean a candle holder that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Let’s take a look at the top 4-ways to clean a candle holder with that in mind.

Wax Candle Holder -

1. Freezing the wax

Typically, the cold will cause the candle wax to shrink and become hard. That will make it easier to remove the wax, and that’s why most people use ice cubes to remove candle wax from the carpet. Once the wax has frozen, you can use a butter knife or even a spoon if the wax is soft, to remove the large chunks that remain in the candle holder. 

You will have to place the candle holder in the freezer for a couple of hours until the item is frozen. Thankfully, once the was is frozen, it will pop right out, making it easier to remove. However, you can also use a butter knife to remove the works whenever it’s necessary. That ensures you will not compromise the quality of your candle holder. Once the wax is off, it’s time to clean the candle holder with soap and water. 

2. Use the Oven

Using the oven to remove wax off the candle holder is pretty straightforward. It’s almost the same process as removing wax using boiling water. However, it’s always best to ensure the temperature tolerance level of your candle holder. More importantly, you should identify the material used to create the candle holder. 

This method could effectively work well when you want to clean several holders at once. Start by first preheating the oven up to 180-degrees, which should help melt off the wax. Then using tinfoil, line the baking pan with two layers. Finally, place the candle holder upside down the pan and put the pan into the oven. Let the holders stay in there for about ten to fifteen minutes. Once that’s done, remove the pan from the oven. Place it on a heat-safe surface. It would help if you remembered that the candle holders are equally hot. Therefore,  you should use a towel when handling them. 

Gently lift the holders from the pan and let them cool. Afterward, you can clean the holders with soap and water. It’s also a good idea to note that if your holder is made out of glass, then you should be careful when using this process. That’s because when the glass candle holder is prematurely exposed to cold water before the cooling process is done, it could cause it to break. That said, when using heat as a source of removing candle wax on a glass candle holder, you should be cautious at all times.

3. Use Boiling Water

Another way to remove wax from your holder is by using candle wax. Hot water is quite useful when you want to remove the wax from the holder. The first step is to heat the water until it’s boiling. However, if you have a soft wax, for instance, made from soy, you don’t have to use boiling water. Instead, warm water can also do the trick. Then you will have to put the candle holder in a container. Pour the hot water into the container while leaving room at the top. 

The boiling water will help to melt away the wax. The wax will eventually float at the top of the container. Once the water cools, you can remove all the wax at the top. Don’t pour the wax down the drain. Instead, you can gently remove all the wax at the top before draining the water. Then use soap and water to remove the rest of the wax. I’m sure you are probably wondering what happens if your candle holder can float on water. 

The procedure is still the same when using boiling water, but you will have to remove your candle holder before the water cools down. When exposed to boiling water, the wax will melt off. However, it’s best to move your holder around and even overturn it if it floats. That will help to get rid of the wax.

4. Use the Hair Dryer

Finally, using the hairdryer will help you get rid of the wax on your candle holder. I know you are a bit skeptical about this method but trust me, it works wonders. Most people use their hairdryer to remove wax on other surfaces such as the carpet. That said, a hairdryer can be used to remove soft wax on a candle holder. 

Start by placing the candle holder on a heat-safe surface and then turning your hairdryer to warm. Use the hairdryer to melt off the wax on the sides and the bottom of your candle holder. Once the wax is all soft and almost in a liquid state, you can scrape it off or lift it from the holder using a butter knife. 

In Summary

Well, there you have it! Removing wax from a candle holder isn’t so much of a challenging task. All you have to remember is you should always pay attention to the material of your candle holder. A glass candle holder will require a sensitive touch when compared to other candle holders. There are also gold candle holders that typically have an elegant look but you also need to be careful. All the same, once you get the hang of it, scraping off the wax from your candle holder won’t be a problem.