Step-By-Step Crystal Candle Holders Cleaning - Checklist

Crystal candle holders are one of the most elegant articles of decoration. You can have them on your tabletop, or you can have a wall candle holder. But as they get used, the wax melts and creates a mess inside them. That way, the once beautiful crystal holder starts looking like something you should get rid of.

However, one fantastic thing about a crystal candle holder is that it is made of strong and robust crystal. Therefore, the waxy mess can be cleaned using some temperature-changing gentle techniques. 

Below is a step-by-step guide about different techniques you can use to clean your candle holders from wax. These steps are entirely safe and would not harm the structure of your beautiful candle holder. Remember, methods below are only compatible with crystal candle holders—they would not work with plastic, brass, or copper—in fact, some of these methods can even damage the material other than crystal, i.e., a stick candle holder which is not made of copper or steel.

So, let’s begin. 

Cleaning - Crystal Candle Holder -

Strategy 1: Clean with Warm Water

Warm water is one of the most effective methods for cleaning candle wax from crystal holders. For that, you will need: hot water, white vinegar, and a container to hold water. 

Step 1: Fill the container with warm water. The container should be deep enough for the candle holder to settle down without leaving any area untouched by the water.

Step 2:  Soak the candle holder in water for some time until the wax gets soften. You can check the wax every once in a while, to see if the technique is working.

Step 3: If the wax stuck with candle holder isn’t getting any softer, add white vinegar to the water. That especially works if the candle holder is grimy and old.

Step 4: At this point, the wax would have been softened enough. Scrape the soft wax out from the candle holder using a plastic scraper or a fingernail. Do not use any too-sharp object that can scratch the surface and damage your glass candle holder.

Step 5: Rinse the candle holder with water, especially if you used vinegar. In the final rinse, make sure there are no marks, scratches, and wax imprints left on the candle holder.

Step 6: After rinsing, polish the crystal surface with a dry cloth. A cloth should be lint-free; otherwise, it might damage the candle holder.

And that was the end of technique one. If this one doesn’t float your boat, try other ones.

Strategy 2: Blow Dry it Out 

Another one of the effective methods to remove wax from the holder is a blow dryer. For this process, you will need a hairdryer (or a blow dryer) and a soft cloth. Let's begin the procedure.

Step 1: Set the temperature of the hairdryer on the maximum—the hottest setting. It would only work that way. Make sure the children aren't around when you are doing it.

Step 2: Set the hairdryer on the slowest. Hottest and slowest is the technique to perfectly melt the wax.

Step 3: As the wax is getting melted, start peeling or scraping it off. Do not touch the melting wax; it can harm your skin. But you can use soft scrapers or any unsharp object to scrape the wax off.

Step 4: As for any leftover wax which cannot be scraped, use a soft cloth to wipe it away. 

Step 5: Make sure that no wax is left after you are done. If, by any unfortunate chance, there is any wax leftover, use the blow dryer again to get it off and use a soft cloth again to get the wax completely off.

And just like that, we are done with the second method, too. However, if that doesn’t work with you, there is another one in the basket.

Strategy 3: Remove Wax with Cold

If you cannot soak the candle holder and do not have the blow dryer, don’t worry, there is another method that is bound to work with your glass candle holder. And that is: freezing the wax out with a cold. For that, you just need a freezer and a few chunks of ice. Let’s see how.

Step 1: Place your crystal candle holder in the freezer. The freezer should be at the usual temperature.

Step 2: Keep the holder in the freezer for at least 45 minutes. After the required time, take it out.

Step 3: At this point, the wax would be soft enough to easily come out from scraping. However, it’s taking 45 minutes, as mentioned in the 2nd step. If you need a more immediate solution, you can use chunks of ice and keep them close around the candle holder. A big piece of ice can also be used—just keep it where the wax is. That way, the ice would react directly with the wax and make it frozen enough to come out long before 45 minutes.

Step 4: Once the wax is soft, use your fingernails or a soft, plastic scraper to chip off the frozen chunks of ice. Again, do not use any hard or sharp scraper, or it will damage the crystal.

Step 5: Make sure the method worked, and your glass candle holder is totally wax-free. If it didn't work completely by any chance, you could always repeat the process to make it 100% effective. 


The procedures and steps described above are recommended by some well-reviewed cleaning experts. However, to make these methods more effectively and clean any remaining wax, it is also recommended that you use glycerin or denatured alcohol. These two substances work well with crystal cleaning. However, remember not to use alcohol on other materials candle holders, like copper or brass.

How much wax is dripped in a candle holder usually depends on what quality of candles you buy. If you purchase high-quality candles, the excessive wax dripping can be prevented. For instance, petroleum candles drip more than usual and can also leave stains. However, if you use petroleum candles, remember to regularly clear out the wax when it is freshly dripped. If you leave it for more than regular duration, it can leave permanent stains on your crystal.

Good luck with your wax cleaning.