Candle Holder Height Etiquette: How to Buy the Right One for Your Tall Candle

“I purchased this small candle holder online, but it doesn’t fit the candle well.”
“What candle holder design can best compliment my home décor?”
“Should I opt for a glass candle holder or a wooden one?”
“I love votive candles. What candle holder should I buy to hold these candles?


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These are just a few concerns consumers like you are worried about when purchasing a candle holder. 

Sometimes, they end up purchasing a candle holder that doesn’t give them the expected results. 

However, remember that candle holders come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, heights, and styles. 

So, be sure to pick the right candle holder with an appropriate height, material, and design to fit your unique needs. 

Not so sure how to pick one? 

No worries! This guide is going to help.

Common Candle Holder Types for Different Types of Candles

Tea Light Candle Holder- Designed to hold small, tea light candles

Votive Candle Holder- Means to hold short votive candles

Candelabras- Come with a wider base and are suitable to hold votive candles

Candle Chandelier- An ornate candle holder to hang above the dining table and hold dinner candles

Lanterns- A brilliant choice for outdoors- can hold a range of candles like tea light, votive, or pillar candles

Wall Candle Holder- Decorative candle holders to mount on a wall to create an exotic ambiance

Hurricane Lamps- The prettiest candle holder for both indoors and outdoors. It fits pillar, fatter, and large candle

Taper Candle Holder- Used to hold taper candles, making an elegant choice for dinner setting and wedding receptions

Scone Candle Holder- Best fit for dark areas- can be mounted on a wall to hold wide and fatter candles

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Candle Holder? 

Candle Type

Before choosing a candle holder, decide what type of candles you will be using for your home or event. 

That’s because a specific type of candle holder is usually made to hold a certain type of candle. 

For instance, our Henrietta candle holder makes a suitable choice for small candles. You’ll need a taper candle holder like Mabel for dinner candles or taper candles. Likewise, a wide base holder like Madison is required for pillar candles. 

Height of Candle Holder 

The height of a candle holder depends on the height of the candle you want to use. 

For instance, it will look odd if you place large pillar candles on a tall pillar candle holder. On the other hand, a short candle holder like Bertha may better accommodate a large candle. 

For a balanced look, choose a holder that is proportionate with candle height. 

Base Size of a Candle Holder 

Often consumers complain that they received “too small” or “too large” candle holders that don’t hold their candles well. 

That’s because every candle holder type comes in a range of sizes to fit different candles. 

For instance, a tea light candle may look too odd inside a randomly picked votive. Likewise, a wobbling candle in a wide-sized candle holder will not look attractive. 

So, make sure to pick a candle holder that has appropriate diameters and base to give enough support to your candles. 

Candle Holder Material

Candleholders are made of different materials, such as wood, glass, and metal. You want to choose the material that complements the theme and décor of your room or event. 

For instance, our glass pillar candle holders can give a luxurious look to a contemporary, industrial setting. 

A rustic wooden candle holder can spruce up your living room. Opt for metal candle holders to spice up your event tables.

Interior Design 

Not all candle holders fit every interior design. An inappropriate design or color can make your décor look unattractive and mismatched. 

So, choose a candle holder that instantly gives a glamorous look to your home décor or event tables. 

Consider how candle shape, color, design, and material can enhance the visuals of your space. 

Our Savannah glass candle holder may add a sensational touch to your living room. 

Our crystal Giulia candle holders can give an appealing edge to your home décor. Likewise, our Lilli wall candle holder can enhance a minimalist décor. 


Placement is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a candle holder. 

For instance, a lantern may make a brilliant option for the outdoor location with the wind element.

Minimalist wall candle holders like Emilia make a decorative piece for bedrooms. 

Hurricane lamps like Bessie perfectly fit an open space venue to spruce it up. 

Tea light candle holders like Elow can create a romantic ambiance in living rooms.

Ready to buy a candle holder that fits your needs? Check our collection of versatile candle holders that come in a range of designs, sizes, materials, and colors.