Amazing Ideas Of Candle Holders For Advent Wreath

Preparing an advent wreath is a great way to bring in more happiness and excitement into your life. It helps you unwind, relax and focus on your future, while also reminiscing about the past. The four candles in the advent wreath signify peace, joy, love and hope.

All of these bring new meanings and things into your life. At the same time, you always want to push the boundaries and come up with a unique, powerful set of ideas. However, if you want to have a great advent wreath, it makes sense to use the right candle holder. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Advent Wreath Candle Holder

Wall candle holder

We believe that it makes a lot of sense to add the advent wreath on the wall with a dedicated candle holder wall feature. It looks great, and the visuals are very appealing. You can have a simple wall candle holder made out of metal, these tend to be the most durable ones.

These can be hanged on the wall with ease, and you don’t need to worry about any possible issues. It’s an approach that works quite nicely, especially if you want the advent wreath to stand out and not require a lot of space to begin with.

A candle holder for the wall is not that expensive. You just need to find the right candle holder that suits your desired ideas. Thankfully there are a variety of options, and you can be as creative as you want with it.

Gold candle holder

The idea to have a gold candle holder with your advent wreath does help a lot. That’s because the wreath usually has green and red. Adding in a bit of gold into the entire creation does make it stand out of the crowd that it provides that impressive, distinctive and unique look everyone expects from a product like this. It’s a very good idea to check that out and give it a shot, you will find that it works better than you imagine, and the quality is always great. 

Plus, the candle holder gold is versatile, you can use it for a variety of other occasions. That makes it a very good investment, and the type of product a lot of people will love in the first place. 

Nativity candle holder

A lot of people choose the nativity advent wreath candle holder because it looks amazing. The idea that you have the birth of Christ captured by the candle holder itself is interesting, exciting and quite creative at the same time. it’s an interesting idea to keep in mind. Most of these are made out of less durable materials, because it’s hard to have a candle holder made out of metal showcasing all these characters.

But it does stand out of the crowd, and it brings in a great sense of value and quality. It’s one of those things you do not want to miss. Using this type of candle holder is a great idea if you want something more ornate. Otherwise you can easily go with many of the other options available here, and it will be worth it just as much.

Candle holder with crystals

There are times when you just want to come up with something a bit more distinctive and creative. That’s why you want to add some crystals near the advent wreath. Crystals offer great reflections, so you will make the advent wreath stand out even more. Plus, they are a symbol of value and purity all the time. It really helps bring in front a great range of ideas, and the experience itself can be quite impressive in its own right.

Getting the right candle holder crystal feature is always a bit tricky, since you want something that matches the size of your advent wreath. But the best part is that you have a vast range of options on the market, so you just have to find one that matches your ideas and expertise. In the end, that can be well worth it.

Glass candle holder

It’s a great idea to handle a candle holder glass feature because it looks great, and it complements the advent wreath very well. You can be very creative too, since you can add a multitude of cool things near it if you want. The idea is to find the right options which really make it stand out of the crowd. Creativity is key and if you manage it right, the potential can be great every time. Just avoid any rush and try to find the glass candle holder that has a design you like.

With so many different options, it can be difficult to find one that you like the most. But if you do it right, the potential can be great. Just remember, you want something that matches the size and design of your advent wreath to really make it visually appealing and impressive.

Stick candle holder

Using a stick candle holder is very interesting, but also quite creative. Since the candles are above the advent wreath, you can easily have a golden stick candle holder or any type of color that makes things stand out. The size of your candle holder matters, since you don’t want to overshadow the advent wreath itself.

So playing around, mixing and matching sizes to see what works is the right option here.


Finding a great candle holder for your advent wreath is a great way if you want to make those advent wreath candles look amazing. Thankfully, there are a variety of candle holders on the market, all with different features and styles. You just need to find one that suits your needs and ideas. If you use it right, the potential can be amazing.

Take your time, study your options and then pick the right advent wreath that suits your style and ideas. That’s what will help you pick the best options and ensure you obtain the best experience as you prepare your advent wreath!