7 Common Candle Mistakes to Avoid

candle with candle holder

Candles have soothing and healing properties, especially scented ones. They have changed from being used for lighting to decoration pieces. Candles have the quality of completely changing the atmosphere of the room. 

Whether it be your yoga time, dinner, or you want to spend quality time with yourself; candles will play a significant role in making the aura of the place cozy and soothing. 

People tend to make candle burning mistakes, making the candle reduce its lifetime or burn to produce soot. 

Today, we have compiled seven common candle mistakes every candle lover should avoid. Let’s dive deeper into it. 

Leaving the Candle Wick Too Long

This is for people wondering how to burn candles correctly, avoiding extra flickers and unwanted soot. 

Not everyone knows that a long wick causes candles to emit unwanted smoke and soot, uneven burning, flickering, and dripping. Long story short, when you trim a candle's wick, you increase its lifetime. 

Advice: trim the candle wick to ¼ inch and remove the debris left on the candle. Removing debris is essential as it acts as additional fuel and may disturb candle burning.

Keeping the First Burn Short

Yes, this candle burning mistake may seem weird at first, but the wax pool’s size during the first burn determines the candle’s lifetime. 

The candles which do not burn for long enough at the first burn; its wax will liquefy from edge to edge of the container. In turn, it will continue tunneling until it melts completely. 

Advice: make sure the first burn of the candle is long enough to avoid it. If the candle diameter is one inch, burn it for one hour; if it is two inches, burn it for two hours, and so on.

Keeping Candles Near to the Wall. 

When you buy a candle, you try your best to make its life as long as possible. If you are wondering what does it mean when the candle burns fast, note it: 

If you keep the candle close to the wall or somewhere where people are constantly passing by, it will flicker more than usual and burn out soon. Also, it will produce extra soot.

Advice: we recommend keeping it away from walls and somewhere it will not get extra air pressure. You may also use Candles Lovers’ candle stands to help you keep it away from people passing by. 

Keeping Candle in a Small Container

Choosing the right size of container to keep the candle is very important if you want to keep the candle’s lifetime maximum. Suppose the container’s size is smaller than the candle, the candle will flicker more than usual and burn soon. 

You better use a container with its top and bottom uncovered so hot air can rise and cool air can sink. Also, the candle container’s distance from the candle should roughly be the radius of the candle. 

Advice: it is not a problem with candles. You should choose a larger container than a candle or buy a candle holder. Candles Lovers have beautiful candle stands and containers available. You can choose from many unique designs according to the size of your candle.

A Very Close Candle Arrangement 

If you are arranging candles closely, they may melt each other. You should set candles with enough distance that will prevent irregular melting and dripping. 

Advice: we advise you to use candle holders from Candles Lovers. The candle holders’ arrangement is at least 10 cm which won’t let one candle destroy the other. If you plan to arrange candles yourself, note that a 10cm distance is safe. 

Burning Candle Too Long To Keep Room Scenting

This is another addition to how to burn candles correctly. If you burn a scented candle for at least an hour, it will make the air of the room smell good even after you put it out. You don't need to keep candles burning.

Advice: buy a good quality scented candle and burn according to manufacturers’ instructions for the best result. Do not overburn it as it will decrease the candle’s lifetime while providing no potential benefit. 

Keeping Candle Near the Heater

If you keep a candle near the stove or other heaters, ist wax may soften. You should keep it in a cool, dry place.

When not using, keep it in a dry and cool place and put a lid on it to protect the candle from dust and debris. 

However, make sure you don't exceed the expiry date, especially in the case of scented candles. They may either not smell or smell foul once the expiry date has passed. 

Advice: keep the candle in a cool and dry place and cover it when not using. 


Candle burning mistakes are common among many people. It is not the problem with candles but some common mistakes you have been making unintentionally that make your candle flicker more than usual or not burn correctly. 

By avoiding these common candle mistakes, you can increase your candles’ lifetime and protect your things from candle soot and smoke. 

Candles Lovers can help you here. You can buy exquisitely designed candle holders and containers to help your candle burn calm and smooth.