The 6 Best Candle Holders For Kwanzaa

The weeklong celebration that is usually held in the United States to honor African heritage in African-American culture is something to look forward to every year. Commonly known as the Kwanzaa festival, the event is celebrated in various ways while focusing on its seven core principles. In the same way, Kwanzaa has seven core symbols to demonstrate various aspects of African culture.

Now, I do not wish to go into intricate details of what this festival holds, but if you are a fanatic or a fan of this event, you know the candleholder's significance. This symbol commonly referred to as "kinara," represents the African ancestry and the original stalk from which the African people originated. A kinara holds seven candles, three red ones on the left, one black one in the middle, and three green ones on the right.

Consequently, you do not want to be celebrating Kwanzaa with a candleholder that does not appeal to the situation. It's okay if you do not have ideas on what candleholder you can use to stand out and accord this event the respect it deserves; we've got you covered. This article will guide your choices for the best candleholders for Kwanzaa. Well, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1. The Clear K9 Crystal Glass Candle Holders

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This modern candle holder set with a straightforward, distinctive design is one perfect way of making sure your candles stand out in a simple yet noble style. If you seek to celebrate with some touch of elegance, this is the ideal choice for you. The candle holder glass pillars come in great weight, meaning that you do not have to worry about your candles toppling over at any time. Additionally, the centerpiece candlestick holder's round base is well-suited for a candlestick and will meet your needs to your satisfaction. The creative design of interlocking rings and rhinestones make the candleholder appear very stylish and attractive. This type of glass candle holder is ideal for regular taper candles, flameless LED candles for candlesticks less than 1 inch in diameter. This makes it convenient if you have children or pets around you. Because it comes as a single item, you will need seven of these candle holders for the Kwanzaa festival.

2. Gold Crystal Candle Holders

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This is the real definition of elegance. The crystal candle holders speak prestige and beauty on any occasion. This set comes in different sizes, so you can choose whatever size is perfect for your candles. You can go for a more specific touch by choosing a colored gold crystal candle holder, or a rose gold crystal candle holder, or just about any color that suits you and is available. Imagine that glow of candles against the shiny gold and sparkling crystal! The sight is simply enchanting. Add a touch of beauty and elegance with this set to make your Kwanzaa as memorable as it will ever be.

Expect a dazzling illumination that will leave you in great awe when you set your candles in the candle plates. And they are not limited to particular designs! You can get as many designs as you wish to add more vibrance to your celebration of the year

3. 7 Brass Candlestick Holder

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Candlestick holders are another great choice you have when looking for the best candleholders for the Kwanzaa festival. Stick candle holders come in various designs that will suit your taste to perfection. Aside from the simple candlestick holders, which are also a great choice, you can opt for more sophisticated choices such as crystal candlestick holders, taper candlestick holders, and other decorative styles. If you are hoping for a beautiful and sleek candlestick that would make a great accent to the Kwanzaa festival, this is what you should look for. This product is skinny at the stems with a broad base enabling it to fit standard tapered candles. And yes, it comes in a set of seven, so you do not need to worry about your seven candles not fitting!

4. Wood Candelabra/Kinara decor


Admit it; wood candle holders have a particular allure that is incomparable to any other. Wooden candle holders can complement your festival perfectly, especially if you go for African designs for this particular occasion. This is not to say that simple wood candle holders will not hold, no. Besides the various designs that you can choose from, wood candle holders also come in different colors, so you do not have to be concerned about mismatching colors, especially with candles.

The wood candelabra is an excellent way of incorporating a unique centerpiece to your festival. Coming with a laser-cut, hand-assembled and stained beauty, this Kwanzaa candle holder will add a nice boho touch to your space. Ideally, this product fits up to 0.75-inch-thick, tapered candles.

5. Candleholder 7 Arms Metal Antique

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Are you looking for something simple yet sophisticated for your Kwanzaa festival? This 7-arms metal antique brass candle holder is just perfect! With its linear arrangement, it is ideal for placing your seven candles correctly without misalignment. Sometimes you just don't want everything popping in terms of color. This brass candle holder is ideal for such circumstances. You can place it anywhere without having to worry about a color mismatch. Additionally, it is convenient to carry from one place to another because of the single robust and broad-based design.

6. DIY Kwanzaa Candle Holders

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Everyone deserves a lit celebration, and having what it takes is a significant step to making this possible. That is why we offer you these tips on making your candles look beautiful and elegant during this purposeful event. In addition to all the products mentioned above, do not forget the DIY creations. Add your personal touch to the event by creating or restructuring that candle holder to suit your tastes.

This is a convenient option if you are looking for a personalized candle holder, you want to add that African touch or hope to cut on the cost that you may incur when going for a store-bought candle holder. All in all, whatever your option, make sure you are going for one memorable celebration that will leave you talking for days!