The 15 Best candle holders for fireplaces, According to Experts 2020

The 15 Best Candle Holders for Fireplace, According to Experts 2020

Beautiful and attractive candle holders help spice up your empty fireplaces. These tiered candle holders’ displays are all over home decor magazines. If you have a fireplace that doesn’t work or is empty, don’t fret. I think some candle displays can look just as good as an actual fire.

When decorating an empty fireplace with candles you will want a display with varying heights of pillar candles. You can try and find pillar candles that are in a variety of sizes but it might be hard to find one that matches. And then you will have to place them manually to look nice.

When buying online, make sure that you double-check the dimensions of your fireplace and the candle holder you are going to buy. Make sure to add some extra room for the pillar candles that will be required as well.

Here are some beautiful candle holders enlisted below:

1. Silver driftwood candelabra fireplace insert

This piece is handmade by ‘Drifting Concepts’ on Etsy. Because of this, it can be customized with different candle plates and also different colored wood. Since this will be a focal point in your decor, it’s probably a smart idea to have it looking just the way you want it!

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2. Venic candelabra in distressed bronze-pilgrim

This candelabra with a distressed bronze finish makes for a nice sturdy piece that will spice up your fireplace. It is made from hand-forged iron so it is nice and solid. It can hold 10 candles so you can have a good amount of lights coming from it.

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3. Wood candlestick set

These are wooden candlestick will take a bit of arranging in the fireplace to look nice but it will allow you to replicate the style which is just beautiful. These candlesticks range in size from 10 inches to 22 inches. This set has been getting stellar reviews and is super popular.

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4. Hand cast Aluminium Candelabra

Unlike other items on the list, this piece is a little unique. It features a garden theme with a couple of birds and floral patterns. It is 15 inches high and just shy of 26 inches wide. The plates take 52 inches to pillar candles but there is no placing spike so you could use flameless candles as well.

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5. Candle tiered fireplace candle holder

If you want a lot of candles, this is a good choice. It holds 10 candles and it is also a nice size at 14 inches high and 24 inches wide at the front. This model also has the placing spikes and so if you need to use flameless candles with this piece, you will need to break the spikes off.

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6. Southern enterprises 9 candle black geometric frame

If you want an even more minimalist look from candle holders I would suggest this option. It can hold 9 candles and is 21 inches wide by 9 inches tall. It also has metal placing spikes so keep in mind if you want to use artificial candles with it.

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7. Antler votive candelabra

If you like the aesthetic of antlers then this is votive candle holder is just for you. It is 15 inches high and 24 inches wide.

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8. The weathered pillar look

It is not a tiered candle holder but it can function similarly to one and will give you that certain look. These wooden holders come in a set of 3 in either brown or gray as pictured below. They range from 11 inches to 15 inches and can hold up to a 3-inch pillar candle.

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9. Elegant coastal look with a 12 tier white coral taper holder

This piece might be a more niche fit. It’s going to work better in a taller, narrow fireplace as it holds taper candles rather than pillars. You could cut the tapers to be a little more accommodating. This candle holder is 10.5 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide.

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10. Stretto multi pillar candle holder

This is not exactly made for a fireplace but given its dimension and tiered design, it should fit perfectly in some of them. It is 17.75 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall.

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11. Ryder 3 tier candle holder

This 3 tier candle holder doesn’t have many spots to display candles but the golden metal leaf pattern below the candle will keep it from being bland. It has a Manchurian Ash wooden base. It is 21 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

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12. Large stained driftwood candelabra

This piece comes from the same Etsy seller above that did the other driftwood piece. This one is quite long and probably will fit in certain fireplaces. It could be the perfect piece. It is 48 inches long, 14 inches tall, and 12 inches deep. It would look great if you have got a fit.

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13. Wrought iron spandrels hearth candelabra

You can make candles the star of the show with these candelabra for your fireplace. It can hold up to 10 pillar candles. It has an advantage that flameless candles will have no issue as it doesn’t have to place spikes. It is 9.75 inches tall, 12.25 inches wide and 18.75 inches wide. Pillar candles of about,  3 inches diameter.

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14. Candle swirl metal fireplace candelabra

It can also hold up to 10 pillar candles. It is 10.6 inches tall, 8.3 inches deep and 21.5 inches wide. Placing spikes are not present on these beautiful candelabra. You can also place LED candles instead of regular candles.

15. Adjustable width of seven pillar metal candle holder

This beautiful candle holder has adjustable candelabra. This holder can hold candles having a diameter of up to 3 diameters. In this design of candle holder, spikes on the plates are present so, you can’t place flameless candles on it. For placing a flameless candle you will need some adjusting. It is 11 inches in height.  

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